Rob Shelton

New Picture rob.beach Headmaster

Rob Shelton is the Rhetoric School Headmaster at the Geneva School of Boerne.

He is a a hockey fanatic and a devotee of the art of balloon animals.  He is a lover of all things Lewis.  And, despite being, on the whole, an honest man, Rob is not above being bribed by the gift of a signed C.S. Lewis book…and he doesn’t have a facebook page and he doesn’t tweet (except when doing his famous bird imitations).

M.A. in English, The University of Texas at San Antonio
M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
B.A. in English, The University of Texas at San Antonio

email: si
facebook: see below
twitter: see bio


2 Responses to Rob Shelton

  1. Henry Smith says:

    HIYA, Rob. Found this by accident but it was good to read some of your articles. Henry Smith

  2. I’m so glad I finally figured out how to reach you! I now live in Germany we attend an International Baptist Church in Stuttgart. Our Pastor is from Texas and often I’m reminded of you! I’m thankful for the time you served at Redwood and the training Stef and I received from you guys.
    hugs to you and your precious family!
    Jenn (Lindholm) Fesefeldt

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