Celtic Prayers

ms58_fol_27vI have been reading some old Celtic prayers lately, and I appreciated their ability to create a sense of nearness to God through the created order. Too often, I rush through life, only praying in pragmatic ways. I was inspired recently to create a couple of my own Celtic-style prayers that I might commit to memory and use on a daily basis.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a poet, and I am NOT pretending like these are noteworthy. Rather, they are examples of how you might want to glean spiritual blessing from the great Irish tradition by trying this exercise as well. I know it was a blessing for me. FWIW.

Prayer of Creation

For light and for darkness, bright day and dark night,
Deep waters below, heavenly waters of height,
For the dry land called Earth, and pooled waters called Seas,
For bountiful harvests from plants and from trees,
For the great ruling lights- Sun, Moon, Stars in the sky
Swarms of creatures of glory, those that swim, those that fly,
For livestock and creepers that crawl on the earth,
For the gift of dominion we thank thee with mirth!

Morning Prayer

Raise me this morning to newness of life
Cause me to learn from each trial and strife
Show me thy goodness and grant me thy joy,
Make me as Jesus to each girl and boy,
Fill me with food- hearty meat and cold beer,
The meat for my strength and the ale for my cheer,
But if want comes my way and I suffer great pain,
Give me faith that tomorrow the morn comes once again.

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